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About Me

Sarah Shakespeare has always lived her life with a “Glass is Full” attitude. She believes that we are lucky to have a glass! As a Personal Trainer and Coach for nearly 25 years she loves to help people enrich their life through creating a healthy lifestyle.

As someone who is goal driven, she has come to know that success really comes from first sculpting a positive mindset. Sarah’s Glass Full method has proved to work for hundreds of people, by encouraging them to focus on their ‘Big Picture’.

Born and raised in England, Sarah is a wife, mother of three daughters and a good friend to many. She now lives in beautiful British Columbia and feels lucky to live in her dream destination.

"I adore Sarah’s personality and vibrancy. Her positive attitude she was taught and grown up with has not only influenced herself but the people around her."

- Jo Ann Kobuke


  • Running On All Engines - The 3 D's

    Sarah believes that you can succeed in life if you focus on these 3”D’s. This story talks about her athletic dedication and competition success on her way to earning her Pro Card in Fitness...she shares how you can get anything you want in life if you really want it!

  • Starting and Finishing The Story Together

    This is the story of Sarah’s parents Trescott & Christine Powell who were together for 45 years when they passed away in the same month. Sarah talks about their great story and how to move forward in a positive manner after one of the biggest losses of your life.

  • An English Girl On A Staycation in Canada

    Sarah tells the story of her immigration to Canada an how different it was for her. With the belief thats she was destined to Create a wonderful life there, she shares about her differences and how she was determined to fit into another Country ..without changing herself in the process!

  • Positive Attitude Can Create A Beautiful Life

    This is Sarah’s first book and this is where she shares her life story and explains why she has such a positive outlook on life.


Work With Me

Keynote Speeches, Seminars, Master of Ceremonies & Workshops

Sarah has gone through her life with a positive attitude and wishes to teach others to do the same. She has been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years and loves it! Her energy and confidence will have you leaving the room feeling energized and ready to move forward in a positive direction.

Sarah Shakespeare Speaker
Running on all engines

Can you really do it all? How to plan a life with no regrets?


How self-care, ambition and mindset can help you create a life you love.

Fitness focus

The #D’s: Dedication, Determination & Discipline.

The 52 Weeks plan

Let’s plan your year ahead...then we will talk about that 100 year plan!

Fitness focus

The #D’s: Dedication, Determination & Discipline.

Confidence and Presence

Getting your voice heard and story out there... Shine bright like a Diamond!


Learn how communication, delegation, and leading by example will help build anamazing team.

The 52 Weeks plan

Let’s plan your year ahead...then we will talk about that 100 year plan!

3 Day Motivational Retreats

Sarah will do different motivational workshops over the weekend including mindset, exercise and nutrition, goal setting and implementation, social media and public speaking. You will go through personalized gym workouts as well as enjoy the Kelowna outdoors though hiking or a morning run to start the day.

Relaxation time will also be a must and you will have the chance to enjoy the lake views and beautiful British Columbia scenery. You will have your own makeover and photoshoot to remember your Retreat weekend. Your nutritional needs will be meet with amazing, tasty food..healthy of course! Accommodation is available at the Retreat location.

Sarah Stage

Life Coaching & Personal Training

Sarah will work with you personally if you live in Kelowna, British Columbia. She is available for online training and accountability coaching. She offers different packages to suit your needs and will travel to you periodically if needed. She will work 1:1 and with a group of up to 4 people.



One day workshop 52 Week plan - Sarah will cover mindset, goal setting and accountability, nutrition & food planning, personalized workouts, selfcare schedule, group session and 1:1 private consultation at the end of the workshop.

Fitness & Bodybuilding Competition Preparation and Stage Presence. Sarah will help you pick the right show, division and federation. She will cover show prep, confidence on stage, nutrition and training, posing and stage presentation/ modelling, show day prep and everything you need to know to be ready for your fitness competition whether you are a Novice or a Pro.


Modelling & Fitness Coaching

Sarah is a Figure Pro and has won Fitness Competitions at a National Level. She has competed in Figure & Fitness Model Divisions. She has been going to the gym for over 25 years and loves her fitness family! Stage Presentation and onstage confidence is important when getting ready for an Fitness and Bodybuilding Show. Sarah loves working with Competitors and loves to see their new found confidence show up on stage.



Join Sarah for her Coaches on Fire Radio show. A fantastic free show geared towards helping you create and life your best life. If you would like to be a guest on Sarah’s show then please contact her..she would love to hear from you!